As many clinics and hospitals switched to remote models for the COVID-19 pandemic we developed a telemedicine web app that allows physicians to easily connect with patients.  Best of all, it’s free for physicians and patients don’t have to download any clunky apps to join the video call.



  • UI/UX Design
  • User Research
  • Implement Style Changes
  • Fix CSS/HTML Bugs

By the numbers


Patient Join Rate


Calls A Day


Growth Rate

Initial Designs

The initial product requirements were very different than the released version we have today. Early assumptions and user interviews pointed to building a telemedicine product that relied on a patient waiting room. Here was the initial physician flow:

Waiting room animation made with Lottie

A Better Workflow

After additional user feedback we found that a simplified flow (that mimicked the Dialer app) was the winner. By combining the invite and join video visit into 1 step we cut down on a lot of complexity and unneeded features. Here is the revised flow:

Less Steps

Less steps required to connect with patient.

More Connections

Increased connection rate to patients in call.

Preferred By Physicians

Became clear winner in user research study.

Patient Join Flow

Through user research and split testing we’ve simplified the patient join flow to 4 steps. All the patient needs is a smart phone and they can join the video call from any browser.

Receive Text Message

Patient receives text message from Physician with a link.

Join Video Call

Landing screen with instructions to initiate the video call.

Grant Permissions

Combined microphone and video access into 1 modal.

In Call

Connected HIPPA Secure video visit with the physician.